Tuberculosis is transmitted almost exclusively by droplet infection. Contagion sources are people with open pulmonary tuberculosis. When inhaled, the tuberculosis bacteria enter the respiratory tract. Contagion can only occur if Mycobacterium tuberculosis is detectable in the patient’s sputum. Only two weeks following the start of a prescribed treatment, the patient does not need isolation since he is no longer infectious.

Tuberculosis is the most common fatal infectious disease


The number of tuberculosis patients worldwide has increased in recent years.

 Currently one third of the world population has already been infected (without being ill)!


Reasons for the increase of tuberculosis:

  • poverty
  • malnutrition
  • poor hygiene

Every year, about 9 million new cases of tuberculosis are recorded worldwide, of which 95% in the so-called ‘developing countries’.

Every year, about three million deaths from tuberculosis are recorded worldwide, of which 99% in the so-called ‘developing countries’.

80% of tuberculosis patients are young adults, i.e.  people of the most productive age.