TubeTuberculosis is a chronic disease which has a relapsing course and often leads to death caused by the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.


Tuberculosis is curable!


The objective of this Tuberculosis presentation is to make the reader aware that this old epidemic, which has existed for a very long time and which shows a decline in Germany as well as other industrialized countries, is by no means forgotten and should be taken seriously.

To understand the actual spread of the disease, the following information should help us to project our thoughts beyond national borders towards the South – to Africa  - and the East , to the infinitely large areas of land of the former Soviet Union.

I was devastated by the epidemic-like increase in the number of new cases of Tuberculosis and at the same time by the powerlessness of local authorities, which is reflected in the high numbers of deaths.

Given this disastrous situation, I feel deeply obliged to develop and implement a relief programme.