Tuberkulosehilfsaktion für Taschkent

I was confronted with the difficult situation of the Tuberculosis patients in Tashkent in the summer of 1996 when visiting Leprosy patients in Uzbekistan.

Prof. Dr. med. Tamara Muratova, an ophthalmologist and oncologist working at the clinic in Tashkent, was in regular contact with the tuberculosis patients, as were the other employees.

She stated that all Tuberculosis sufferers in the city of Tashkent (4024 persons) were treated insufficiently since Isoniazid, a first choice drug for Tuberculosis treatment, was not available.

Prof. Dr. med. A.M. Ubaydullaev, the leading pulmonologist in Tashkent, was unable to solve this problem for economic reasons.

A problem was solved by the Town of Dinslaken by buying the necessary drug - Isoniazid  - at Aktion Medeor and 36 packages were sent to Tashkent. On January 31, 1997 this shipment arrived at Tashkent airport at midnight.

The Tuberculosis sufferers of the city of Tashkent were now fully treated with medications according to the prescribed schedule.

Tuberculosis can only be successfully treated by a combination treatment.

The goal achieved by the citizens of Dinslaken:

  • The tuberculosis epidemic in the city of Tashkent (capital of Uzbekistan) could be erased
  • The patients were cured.