Geographical Location: Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Kashmir, Jammu

Encouraged by the successful completion of our previous work in Kerala, South India, we developed a plan of completely different work in Dinslaken. Home-to-home examinations, common in the slums, were aimed at detecting new patients who were in the early stages of Leprosy.

These examinations spanned Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Kashmir-Jammu. Surprisingly, many Tuberculosis cases were found.

However, the nurses who were our local partners for Leprosy patients – according to our original agreements - refused to help tuberculosis sufferers. The disappointed patients envied the leprosy patients, who were supplied with immediate medical treatment.

"What a pity that we are not suffering from Leprosy,” they said desperately.


We then decided to include tuberculosis work in the project.

In addition to 360 new leprosy patients, we found 140 tuberculosis patients that we treated and provided for socially as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the North India project was prematurely terminated due to a lack of trained personnel and political unrest.

Bishop Hippolytus from Srinagar (capital of Kashmir) paid a visit to Dinslaken to discuss the political situation and at the same time thank us for our commitment regarding the patients.