Ten years of intensive leprosy went by, and the thoughts of Tuberculosis sufferers caught up with me again.


Relief Projects for Tuberculosis sufferers in the North Caucasus

In the Caucasus, leprosy occurs from generation to generation. So I traveled to the Caucasus on several occasions to take care of Leprosy patients.

I learned from some doctors that not only Leprosy  but mainly Tuberculosis  was a much dreaded disease there.

The statistics of tuberculosis patients were terrifying! Eight million new cases each year and apart from Africa, the highest number of patients referred to the countries of the former Soviet Union.

I did not hesitate any longer. The lung specialist responsible for North Caucasus, Dr. med. Vasiliy Odiniez, chief physician of the Tuberculosis State Clinic in Stavropol and the tuberculosis hospitals, which extend to the Georgian border, was invited to Dinslaken. In an in-depth discussion we were able to clarify the problem of Tuberculosis and the possibilities to help.

Clear figures

In the territory of Stavropol:

  • 2,600,000 inhabitants
  • 4,800 patients (20% children)
  • 1,200 new cases / year
  • 50 % suffering from open TB


The help from Dinslaken

First Aid Action - August 1997

A 20-ton semi-trailer loaded with specific and general medicines, medical equipment, a canteen kitchen, bandages, detergents and food set off from Dinslaken to Stavropol to provide for 530 patients at the Tuberculosis State Hospital in Stavropol.

Second Aid Action - June 1998

A 20-ton semi-trailer loaded with medicines, medical supplies, clothing and food was sent to Stavropol

to provide for treatment of Tuberculosis sufferers in the following tuberculosis hospitals:

Budennowsk (125 patients)
Gieorgiewsk (125 patients)
Piatigorsk (125 patients)
Teberda (227 patients)
Kislowodsk (50 patients)
Bukruschun (125 patients)


The newspapers in Stavropol reported that from a small town on the river Rhine a great help for the Tuberculosis patients had arrived.

The Ministry of Health of Stavropol and the Government of Stavropol thanked for the support in an official letter dated November 6, 1998.

The help from Dinslaken on site was absolutely essential and highly appreciated by the patients.