The idea of ​​helping not only the people suffering from Leprosy but also the tuberculosis patients already occupied my mind many years ago.

Both epidemics, Leprosy as well as Tuberculosis, can be found where poverty, malnutrition, poor hygienic conditions and tight living conditions occur.

So it was impossible for me to overlook the Tuberculosis patients during the many trips to leprosy patients. The similarities of these two epidemics are not accidental. The pathogens of leprosy and tuberculosis both come from a "bacterial family", the Mycobacteria.

I was very glad that the citizens of Dinslaken accepted the concept of fighting both diseases simultaneously.

With the relief projects  -  Stavropol 1997, Uzbekistan In 1997, Crimea 2000 – 2005, prison work 2000 – 2005, Belarus since 2000  -   we consciously equated the fight against Tuberculosis and the fight against Leprosy.

At the same time, the previous Leprosy Aid was renamed ‘Leprosy Tuberculosis Aid Dinslaken’.