Leprosy journey to Russia and the Ukraine (accompanied by WHO) 28 June – 5 July 2012.


Conference in Astrakhan


The scheduled International Round Table Conference took place in Astrakhan on 29 June 2012.


  • Mr. Sasakawa, WHO Goodwill Ambassador and his team (7 persons)
  • Dr. Sumana Barua, WHO Teamleader of the Global Leprosy Programme (GLP)
  • Medical staff of the Hansen Institute, Astrakhan

The aim of this conference was to discuss the situation of leprosy in Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. In addition, future tasks were also discussed.
Representatives of fhese four countries had been invited to Astrakhan.
On behalf of the leprologists from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan I took over the presentation about Hansen disease in their countries.

im Lepradorf
in the leprosy village

We visited the leprosy village near Astrakhan together, talked to the patients and learned about the patients’ social situation.

After meeting students from the university in of Astrakhan, our journey led us through the endless landscape of the Caucasus to the Chechen border where the leprosarium Terski is located. The patients were already waiting for us.

Endless sunflower fields
Leprosorium Terski
Leprosorium Terski

Die weitere Fahrt führte zum Abinski Leprosorium am Schwarzen Meer.

We continued our journey to the Leprosarium Abinski on the Black Sea. By plance we continued from Krasnodar to Moscow and the next day to Odessa, Ukraine, A Ukraininan leprologist had organised a bus which took us to the Ukrainian Leprosarium Kutschurgan.

im Leprosorium
At the Hansen Institute, Astrakhan
mit Patienten
with patients

After a final discussion and a meal on the last evening, we said farewell and everyone started the journey back to our countries in different directions!