The Leprosy Centre in Astrakhan is the centre of the fight against leprosy in Russia.

The treatment of in-patients is divided into four points:

  1. Leprosarium Astrakhan (Caspian Sea)
  2. Leprosarium Terski, Caucasus
  3. Leprosarium Abinski, Caucasus
  4. Zielonaja Dubrava, Central Russia

The treatment of out-patients in the Caucasus takes place in Rostow/don. Moreover, out-patients’ treatment is carried out in all of the above mentioned leprosaria.


There are three different fields of activity:

The institute was founded in Moscow 61 years ago and was transferred to Astrakhan some years later.

In 1997 my husband and I visited the Leprosarium in Zielonaja Dubrava near Siergiev Posad for the first time.

It was pure coincidence! An 80-year-old patient whom I had been taking care of for many years in Dinslaken, asked me in the spring of 1994 whether her state of health was good enough to travel to her home town Rostov-on-Don in Russia. 

In 1995, it was the time of the war between Russia and Chechenya. We continued our trip and travelled through the Caucasus for 7 hours towards the south. My husband was in the lorry transporting relief goods and I accompanied a medical doctor who had met us half-way in her ambulance from the Leprosarium Terski I order to welcome us.

However, we had to move on. Our next destination was the Leprosarium Abinski. Our work was easy due to the kindness of both medical doctors and staff. The atmosphere was so cheerful! The patients were very happy.

Leprosy journey to Russia and the Ukraine (accompanied by WHO) 28 June – 5 July 2012.