In July 1992, I undertook a “leprosy trip“ accompanied by my husband and my son and visited leprosy patients in Baltic countries.
In the 20th century, there was a leprosarium in Lithuania  - the Leprosarium of Memel (Klaipeda), which was closed in 1943. The leprosy patients were sent either to the Leprosarium Kuuda in Estonia or the Leprosarium Talsi in Latvia. Therefore, it was very important for me to visit Memel.

Unfortunately, no traces of the former leprosarium were to be found. According to the city council there are no leprosy people in Lithuania any more. I was determined to re-check this matter after 10 years.


I could not find any trace of leprosy in Lithuania.

April 2013 – Klaipeda (Memel)

The leprosarium in Memel / Klaipeda was closed 70 years ago. The leprosy patients were transferred to the Leprosaria in Latvia and Estonia, others were sent to unknown locations and others could not be traced. World War II was claimed to be the reason why no lists regarding these patients can be found. Since the incubation period can be up to 40 years between infection and outbreak of the illness, there might be leprosy patients in Lithuania who were diagnosed  differently and therefore are mutilated and crippled.

The aim of my guest lecture at the University of Klaipeda was to remind the dermatologists of the clinical picture of this illness and thus make a correct diagnosis and treatment possible.

Visit of the hospice in Vilna. It is the only hospice in the whole country. Due to urgent need for help, a relief operation was discussed and carried out in August 2013.

Guest lecture

I paid a visit to Vilnius, Lithuania in May 2015 and visited the only hospice in the country.   

Sista Michaela Rak ist he founder and director at the same time.

Currenctly, there are 15 in-patients and 36 out-patients.

Together with Sister Michaela we went from bed to bed and patient to patient. The goods we brought from Dinslaken will cover the needs for the next months.


Relief transports to Lithuania – a second transport to the hospice in Vilnius ‚Viesoji istaiga Pal.Kun.Mycolo Sopockos Hospisas‘ containing medical goods.

There are 36 patients.