Goals of my work in countries of the former Soviet Union

Based on statistical records, 75 % of all leprosy people world-wide were living in South East Asia and for me   this led to the logical deduction that there would also be cases in the countries of the former USSR.

Unfortunately, there was no specific information about the situation and even the WHO could not provide any data either.

Objectives of my work:

The aims of my trip were to establish a personal contact with leprosy people and the medical staff working in the leprosaria, to study the situation of leprosy people there and supply the patients with necessary medicine and other goods.

Transports of humanitarian aid took place on April 1st, 2000 for the last time and had the aim to ensure additional patient-centred care.

Up to the present, invitations of Russian leprologists aim at intensifying the scientific exchange with the Hansen Institute (Leprosy Institute) in Würzburg, Germany. Moreover, continuous help through the contact with the GLRA, the most important Leprosy Relief Association world-wide, has been ensured for the leprosy patients.

From 1900 to 2000, I successfully traced locations of leprosy people in the countries previously belonging to the Soviet Union and visited them.