In the meantime, the Silver Jubilee of Ordination of the Priest Bernard Kösters (St. Vincentius) was approaching. The whole parish was invited and instead of presents he asked for a donation to support the Leprosy work in Dinslaken. Thus the impressive sum of 18,000 € was collected. The amount collected was transferred to the ophthalmologist Dr. Felix Brand in Neukötting, Germany, who deals with eye leprosy and was in charge of founding an ophthalmologist outpatient clinic for leprosy patients in Asuncion, Paraguay.

Augenambulanz für Leprakranke, Paraguay
Eye out-clinic in Paraguay

On April 1st 1994, Dr. Arnaldo Alvarenga, GLRA section Paraguay sent a message from Asuncion, ‘The donations will be fully used to support the ophthalmologist ward. Before it was hardly possible to help leprosy patients suffering from eye illnesses. We are now in a position to treat these patients from the poorest backgrounds thanks to your generous donations and a well-equipped ophthalmologist outpatient clinic free of ch.
The outpatient clinic was fully established in July 1990 and by July 1994, 578 leprosy patients as well as 454 relatives were treated. We would like to express our gratitude for your support of our fight against leprosy. ‘

This is an excellent model for imitation!