The pastor himself is very committed to supporting our Leprosy Work. Every year, leprosy marches are organised. The financial results of these marches have become the basis of donations. Over the years, neighbouring parishes have taken up the idea to help leprosy patients by joining the leprosy march

.Lepramarsch in Dinslaken 2003
Leprosy March Dinslaken 2003

Organisation of Leprosy Marches

Lepramarsch 2005
Leprosy March 2005

Participants use this list to ask acquaintances, relatives or even external people to donate money for the leprosy patients of the project. The general public as well as the daily press are also fully informed.
Donors write down their name as well as the amount of money donated.
School children and young collectors and participants of the Leprosy Marches are eager to collect as many donations as possible for a good cause.
The aim of Leprosy Marches is for participants and donors to feel a strong sense of solidarity with leprosy patients – which is clearly reflected in their efforts of this 10-kilometre march.

Visitors of the parish celebration in 2007 were also informed about leprosy work.

Lepramarsch 2007
Leprosy March 2007
Lepramarsch 2007
Leprosy March 2007


Theo van Doornik is the “new“ pastor of the parish St. Vincentius Dinslaken.
From June 2007 on he took care of organising our Leprosy Marches ….. and much more!

He achieved so much:

  1. Leprosy patients in Kyrgyzstan were suddenly without a physician to look after them. The situation was critical since leprosy – the dangerous disease – would get out of control. Pastor van Doornik from Dinslaken, however, knew what to do. Through a contact with a well-known German physician in Kyrgyzstan the Government in Bistek appointed a young and energetic physician for leprosy work. Thanks to the donations from Dinslaken the physician could receive a special training programme in Astrakhan, Russia.
  2. A continuous contact of leprologists with each other and the town of Dinslaken is indispensable for effective leprosy work. Since telephone charges were much too high, a Skype connection was installed with the most important leprosy centres in 2008.
Lepramarsch 2008
Leprosy March 2008

The children were very happy. “We help leprosy patients by contributing our efforts.” They collected the impressive amount of 10,521 €. Each participant received an unusual gift : a bible picture of Jesus Christ and a leprous patient.

September 2010 – 30th Leprosy March

All the citizens of Dinslaken were invited. About 120 children and adults were carrying banners while marching through the town centre. Representatives of Kazakhstan, Russia and Tajikistan were also present. We thoroughly discussed what we had achieved so far as well as our plans for the future. Our guiding principle has not changed: “I am not what I have – I am what I have given” (Raoul Follereau)

30. Lepramarsch in Dinslaken
30th Leprosy March in Dinslaken

September 2011 – 31st Leprosy March

Children and adults from Dinslaken set off for the 31st time to inform the citizens  about the impending Leprosy March. Flyers were distributed.  This year’s theme was “We help leprosy patients in Kazakhstan“.

Therefore, the Director of the German-Kazakh Society Berlin and her assistant came to Dinslaken.
Carrying many banners, we walked around the city centre to get the attention of passers-by. The Mayor of Dinslaken, Dr.  Heidinger, and the Deputy Mayor, Mr Gross, carried a banner saying “Stop Leprosy“ through the pedestrian zone.
The children who had participated were treated to some ice cream. After that, delicious Kazakh specialities were served in Johanna House while our guests from Berlin gave a presentation about Kazakhstan. The question ”What have people from Dinslaken achieved for leprosy patients in Kazakhstan so far?“ was the topic of another presentation.

All the participants of the Leprosy March enjoyed themselves very much!

Lepramarsch 2011
Leprosy March 2011
Lepramarsch 2011
Leprosy March 2011

September 2012 – 32nd Leprosy March

The 32nd Leprosy March took place on September 29, 2012 to express our readiness to help seriously ill and poor people worldwide. We care for those who are outcast, despised and not wanted. We protect those who are confronted with disgust and fear. Every single human being is unique.

We respect every single human being regardless of their nationality or religion.

This year, the Leprosy March takes place from different starting points as a reflection of the merged parishes and at the same time as a reflection of the Leprosy and Tuberculosis work in Dinslaken.

32. Lepramarsch
32nd Leprosy March
32. Lepramarsch
32nd Leprosy March