From the year 2003 on, I have paid visits to several schools to inform pupils and teachers about leprosy and the people suffering from this disease. For most of them this was the first time they heard about the illness and the consequences for the patients. The children were impressed by the projects and soon donations followed. Thus, we received a donation of 530, - € from the Klara Primary School


mit Schülern der St.-Klara-Schule
Pupils of Klara Primary School
Handing over a donation


On 2nd December 2013, the Leprosy-Tuberculosis Aid was awarded the Maria-Euthymia-Prize of the Town of Dinslaken.

Award ceremony

Caritas Project Women Meeting – Active women of Dinslaken

Two meetings of women from catholic and protestant parishes are arranged at my place every year. . We reflect completed projects and discuss our projects for the whole year: as there are organisation of the leprosy march, transports of relief goods and other possibilities to help people near and far.