A charity concert to benefit leprosy patients took place on 14 June 1996 in the Town Hall of Dinslaken. The internationally renowned pianist Professor Andrzej Tatarski (Conservatory Poznan, Poland) gave an extraordinary piano concert and fascinated the audience.
The programme consisted of works by romantic and impressionist composers: Chopin, Rachmaninow, Brahms, Debussy und Strauss-Dohnanyi.

Klavierkonzert, Stadthalle Dinslaken, 1996
Klavierkonzert, Stadthalle Dinslaken, 1996

On the 4th of May 1997 a benefit concert took place in the parish church of St. Vincentius for Leprosy and Tuberculosis patients in the Caucasus including works by Bach, Handel, Baldassari, Rachmaninow and others.
The musicians involved were: Christiane Quade, transverse flute, Klaus von Stolzenberg, trumpet, Daniela Diehl, saxophone, Julia Rüther, saxophone, Ann-Katrin Bechtold, saxophone, David Hettmer saxophone, Hans Dregemann, saxophone/oboe, Paul Beszynski, organ.
The group of amateur musicians was founded spontaneously to help ill people and presented a programme at an impressively high level.

Wind instruments and friends of the Protestant Congregation  Dinslaken invited people interested to  a concert for organ, wind instruments and timpani on the 16th February 2003 in the parish church of St. Vincentius.

The concert was performed by Dietrich Bassfeld and Professor Wolfgang Stockmeier (organ); The Mayor Mrs Sabine Weiss was the patroness of this brilliant event.

In her welcoming speech, Mrs Weiss said, “The trumpets are to tear down the walls of indifference and inhumanity.“  She emphasized the importance of Leprosy Aid organized by the town of Dinslaken. Pastor Bernhard Kosters of the catholic parish as well as the protestant superintendent Martin Duscha stressed the significance of this work and appreciated the commitment of Dr. Drabik while asking for donations, which are the exclusive financial means for these projects.
„Music so mighty and full of elementary power resounded through the church of St. Vincentius“ -  as reported the local newspaper NRZ on February 20th , 2003.

A long and enthusiastic applause followed. Admission was free but an impressive amount of 1,613 € was collected at the exit

On the 26th of March 2003, the local newspaper NRZ reported as follows: Mr Baßfeld emphasized that a recording of the concert (DVD) could be purchased for a charge of 7,50 €. After deduction of all costs, 4,50 € were used to fund the  Leprosy Relief Project in Dinslaken.