In the 70's, work was of an exclusively "private" nature.
Relief activities were carried out on a small scale and financed solely by my family and friends.

Pfarrfest, Leprastand
Parish festival, information stall

It became more and more clear to me that only comprehensive, organized help would be the basis for continuous leprosy work. Therefore, appropriate steps had to be taken in this regard and concrete decisions made. But what exactly were these steps?

Which committee would be prepared to take up the topic of "leprosy" and take care of people suffering from leprosy?

I decided to contact a church community, because after all, leprosy is a "Biblical disease" and the compassionate treatment of the sick and those in need of help is a foundation of Christianity.

With determination, I knocked on the rectory door of St. Vincent's Church in Dinslaken in September 1980. "I have been looking for such a project for a long time," replied Pastor B. Kösters shortly. He agreed immediately and a leprosy account was opened at Deutsche Bank for the financial support of the following measures.

The women's community took the leprosy aid as their guiding theme and a few months later, the helpfulness for the leprosy sufferers was extended by the participation of children and adolescents.