Leprosy has been a curable illness since 1982.

Within the last three decades, 18 million leprosy patients have been cured. As a consequence, only the number of new cases is specified each year, since patients that have completed treatment have been removed from the list of leprosy cases by WHO.


New cases world-wide in years


1975 3.600.000
2000 750.000
2008 250.000
2011 226.626
2012 232.857
2014 213.899


Additionally, there are approx.. 250,000 existing but not yet detected cases every year (see fig. WHO).

The drastic decrease is due to the fact that all cured leprosy patients are taken off the annual list.


Current global spread of Leprosy / WHO figures for the year 2012


Worldwide   232.857
(repartition) India 134.752
  Brazil 33.303
  Indonesia 18.994
  Other countries 45.812
  Germany (2012 / 2013) 6


Apart from these areas, Leprosy been eliminated worldwide, meaning that the number of new cases per year is below 1:10.000.

The path from elimination to eradication is long. Nevertheless, the letter is the goal of a leprosy-free world.


Development within the last years

On the occasion of the International Leprosy Congress in Hyderabad, India (2007), Brussels, Belgium (2013), Beijing, China (2016) current topics were discussed and necessary tasks for the following years were presented.

The current booklet of WHO ‘Global Strategy 2016 – 2020’  recommends:

Stopping transmission, preventing disability, promoting inclusion

Thus, we well get closer to our goal: ‘A World without Leprosy’