An international Zoom conference of dermato-venereologists and leprologists was held  on January 29th, 2021 in Ksyl-Orda, Kazakhstan.

The topic of my lecture: « The diagnosis, therapy and prophylactic measures as specified by the WHO and binding for the medical profession covering the period 2020 – 2030“.

A very interesting conference with participants from India, Europe and Central Asia.


The Double Jubilee Conference 2018 – 70 years Leprosy Institute Astrakhan

Astrakhan 2018
Astrakhan 2018

Nine countries took part in this conference. 70 years ago the Russian Scientific Research Institute was founded in Astrakhan. Initially the Institute was in charge of all member countries of the USSR, but since the dissolution of the Soviet Union it has been responsible for Russia only. This period also covers the beginning of activities carried out in this territory by the Town of Dinslaken, so that Russia and Dinslaken, Germany, are closely connected. There have been long-standing ties of friendship with Russia with regard to Leprosy work.

This Conference offered the possibility to present the evolution of the Russian-German Leprosy Care for patients as well as the current status of scientific research. Eventually, a vaccine has been found to protect contact persons against this disease. News regarding the transmission as well as a new method of fighting leprophobia (the fear of leprosy) were discussed.

For the first time it was possible to gather leprosy patients and medical staff at a round table during a conference. Our message was ‘We all are brothers and sisters and respect and care for each other whether we are healthy or ill.'

Pastor Barthel-Kalscheu (Parish St. Vincentius) was also a member of our 4-person delegation from Germany.

Jubiläumskonferenz  -70 Jahre Leprainstitut Astrachan
Jubilee Conference – 70 years of Leprosy Institute Astrakhan