Dr. med. Romana Drabik

Specialist for Internal Medicine
and Leprologist


Worldwide Voluntary Work


- Leprosy Patients

- Tuberculosis Patients






  • Bearer of the “Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany 1st Class” (14.03.2003)
  • Laureate for „Voluntary Commitment“ in the field of „International Understanding” Honorary Post Funds 2003 (13.07.2004)
  • Bearer of the Papal Cross of Merit “Pro Ecclesia et pontifice” (31.01.2009)
  • Maria-Euthymia Award 2013 for Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief Work Dinslaken (02.12.2013)
  • Member of the German Leprosy and Tuberculosis Organization e.V. Würzburg
  • Honorary Member of the Leprosy Research Institute Astrakhan, Russia
  • Honorary Member of the Kasakh Society of Dermatologists Astana
  • Founding Member of the German-Kasakh Society, Berlin
  • Member of the Who is Who European Women (Encyklopidia Hübners Who is Who, Switzerland)



Dear Readers,

The contents of this webpage will take you into the world of people who live apart from us. They are stigmatised by the most serious diseases - leprosy and tuberculosis.
Hopelessness and leading the life of an outcast are their reality. However, these people also dream of a happier and fulfilled life.

Please try to follow my thoughts and the ways that I have gone to find these people, to get into touch with them consciously and hold out a hand in order to lead them out of their misery and desperation.

The scientific aspects of leprosy and tuberculosis are a basis for me as a medical doctor to comprehend the complex problems of the illness. They round off my personal experiences in view of the ill human being.